Alexa & Jesse . 2017

Maternity photos are one of my favourite sessions to photograph. There is something about the quiet subtleties paralleled with the glow of not only the Mom to be, but of the dad's too. There is an underlying excitement met with anticipation. No one really has to say much, but I always feel as though there is a best kept secret between the couple and I as we focus on the little one, who without being seen, is already the centre of the attention. 

Styled Shoot / Keeping Creative

I had gotten away from blogging for a while, however I am bringing it back as it's really such a great way to gather and share all kinds of good stuff. Here it is. Here I am. 

I'll start with a few of my favourites from a session I did this last summer. An old friend of mine and I met up at a wedding and talked the entire night about all things creative and we both left feeling super pumped to team up for a day of "out of our comfort zone" stuff. She brought a few friends, ideas and lead me to the creepiest location ever. I brought the camera, my heart and a few antlers from my taxidermist neighbour (way less creepy than THAT sounds). 

I used to say that I wasn't a person who embraced things that I wasn't familiar with, but I have been enjoying it every time I do.... So. Get out of that comfort zone. Only good things will happen! 

Our goal for this was dark, yet pretty, simple, kinda creepy, and to leave you with some questions.