Styled Shoot / Keeping Creative

I had gotten away from blogging for a while, however I am bringing it back as it's really such a great way to gather and share all kinds of good stuff. Here it is. Here I am. 

I'll start with a few of my favourites from a session I did this last summer. An old friend of mine and I met up at a wedding and talked the entire night about all things creative and we both left feeling super pumped to team up for a day of "out of our comfort zone" stuff. She brought a few friends, ideas and lead me to the creepiest location ever. I brought the camera, my heart and a few antlers from my taxidermist neighbour (way less creepy than THAT sounds). 

I used to say that I wasn't a person who embraced things that I wasn't familiar with, but I have been enjoying it every time I do.... So. Get out of that comfort zone. Only good things will happen! 

Our goal for this was dark, yet pretty, simple, kinda creepy, and to leave you with some questions.